Fake News

We are all aware of the implications of so called “Fake News” on the internet. Irrespective of the political process, inaccurate information is prevalent on the internet and has a negative impact on our lives. While some say journalism is dead in America, it’s become clear we need an unbiased way to quickly determine the legitimacy of any content we access on the internet.


You Debunk It aims to solve this problem. Our goal is to use the power of “Crowd Sourcing” as one means to categorize and score content based on the reputation of the source and the degree of truthfulness. While this may seem novel, in order to be truly unbiased and trustworthy, a complex system of checks and balances must be employed. You Debunk It’s data collection system and algorithm will prevent biased ratings by eliminating the ability to be gamed.

You Debunk It! provides an unbiased way to quickly determine the legitimacy of content in your social media feeds and websites.

How it works

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Our browser plugin checks URLs in the content you view against our database.

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Categories and ratings are displayed as you browse the web.

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Painlessly rate content and contribute to the common good.

Join Our Beta Program!

You Debunk It is currently being tested by our control group, and will be released in Beta soon. Would you like to get early access to this revolutionary tool? We would love to have you join our Beta group. Please signup below and we’ll alert you as soon as the service is ready.